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Accessing application on any devices by Glassware 2.0, Peter Tassiopoulos – Sphere 3d.

Accessing application on any devices by Glassware 2.0, Peter Tassiopoulos – Sphere 3d.

If you ever imagine that you can work anywhere without the need for a particular device? And if you think that it is impossible then let me tell you guys, with the help of the new software developed by Peter Tassiopoulos name ”Glassware 3D” you can run any application which is written almost 30 years back on any device. Yes! With the virtualization of any software, installed in the cloud machine, you can get access to your application whenever you want.

Need for Glassware 2.0

Most of the users need the same application without using different devices, but they end up by working on traditional computers or workstations. In the field of IT when the works come at any time, imagine that you are on vacation and suddenly you got a phone call of your manager, and He or She wants you to log in the system. But at that moment you don’t have any device but just a smartphone. Then at that moment Glassware 2.0 will be the one which will help you to get access to your application on your mobile phone.

Peter Tassiopoulos

Glassware 2.0 extends the life of application by decoupling the use from underlying the OS. With Glassware 2.0 you can virtualize Windows 16, 32 and 64-bit applications and it can deliver it without compromising the native functionality of the application to the end users. And you can run the app on your Chromebooks, iPad, tablets, and even on mobile phones.

Peter Tassiopoulos has spent his entire career in developing the startups. In the recent interview of Peter Tassiopoulos, he explains the young generations about his journey in technology and also advises them to think about the future careers.

Quick And Efficient Execution

You can mobilize any application on any devices. For example, you can run windows on android, also if you want an older version of windows like XP you can use it without the hassle with the help of Glassware 2.0. Also, if you want, then you can work on windows with the help of tablet or Ipad.

Windows 16, 32, 64-bit applications are easily optimized and deliver it on your device without changing the nature of the application. Also, you will be getting the best and the better version of the app without lagging that you might face due to hardware.

Glassware 2.0 is a light-weight container-based architecture which offers the better usage of an application without unstable performance. Sphere 3D believe that you can run any application script written in the past 30 years.

It is fast and convenient you don’t need any virtualization skills in order to use Glassware 2.0. In addition to that users can use the application without a glitch. They have removed multiple, single point to make Glassware 2.0 more reliable.

It also improves security by reducing the malware attack.

Glassware 2.0 technical support is the fastest responded service ever available on the internet. Whether it is a configuration issue or technical failure the support team is ready to serve you at any moment you want.

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