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Customize your Building with metal house kits from Encore Still Buildings.

Customize your Building with metal house kits from Encore Still Buildings.

A metal construction is a way increase the value of your property and to protect lots of your valuables. Whether you’re an individual trying to build that dream workshop or garage, or a business searching for storage space, a metal building can accommodate anything from the space, warehouse or an office to store all those items you wish to protect. How about a place to store RV or vehicles? A metal construction can do all that and more.

metal house kits


Options to Improve Your Life


Steel buildings are a lot more advanced than you might think. Prefab steel buildings have doors, windows and trendy designs so this makes them perfect for a home office. Rather than having to rent an office or taking up home living area, a steel construction can be constructed on your property. This gives lots of room for an office for your customers and you to you. Ranging 12′ wide to clear span buildings up to 100′ wide, you’ll have the ability to match yourself and your company that is growing. Each Encore Steel construction is easy to add on to for future growth.


Whether you’re searching for a garage big enough to hold your car set or a single car garage, there goes a steel garage building up fast and simple with unmatched strength. If you have a steel building, your door placements can be easily customized by you and outside appearance. A metal garage provides you the strength and function you need and the style. Construct a steel and your property value will not only enhance but also have peace of mind.

metal house kits

Encore Steel Buildings Are You Covered

There is An Encore Steel construction the best answer for any one or multiple car garages, storage shed, boat and even your dwelling. You can produce a unique addition knowing that your possessions are protected with many options and color choices available. We’re the choice for building garage construction or metal house kits. Money on energy costs contractors and maintenance fees as the steel last, when building with steel it will save you time on building! Encore Steel offers the simplest DIY construction kits.

Choosing Encore Steel

When I reached Derek, he answered all my questions was easy to speak to and gave me quotes. He sent brochures to me, and I looked in things and the high quality. It was evident from the start he was customer service. I felt quite comfortable. He followed up a few times before I figured out exactly what I needed for sure, and we talked over the span of a half and a month. He walked me, and the warranty was exceptional.

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