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What to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent by Larry Weltman

Real Estate Agent

What to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent by Larry Weltman

Purchasing or selling a property is a big financial decision you take in your life, and many people don’t have enough information regarding how to investigate about a specific property. Hence it is highly recommended to hire a reputable and certified Real estate agent like Larry Weltman Official website. But in a interview Larry Weltman said that hiring a real estate agent is also a terrible task as many real estate agents in the market don’t have enough knowledge about this field as they are a newbie in real estate business. So in this article, we’ll discuss points to be remembered while hiring a real estate agent.



1. How long have you been in the real estate business?

You should check whether your agent is a newbie or a veteran. You should check since how long has this real estate agent been doing this job (look for up of a year), and were they full or part-time? While having experience doesn’t mean that person has the skill, real estate, like many other professions, is mostly learned on the job.

2. Whether your agent is a member of National Association of Realtors?

National Association of Realtors is a North American trade association for those who work in the real estate business. And if your agent is a member of this National Association of Realtors you don’t want to worry about having a shady agent.

3. Do your agent work on weekends?

Most of the open houses took place on weekends as people get free time on weekends and they place an open house so that people come and see their homes and properties and if your real estate agent does not work on weekends than it is of no use. The answer to this question should be yes.

4. Is your agent familiar with your area?

Real estate business is based on local areas. If your real estate agent has a good knowledge of your local area, then he can easily find a customer to sell your house or property at a right price.


5. How many properties have you sold earlier?

How many properties have you sold earlier is a fundamental question in which you can understand the capabilities of your real estate agent. As the higher number of sale clearly indicates that the agent has good and healthy links in the market.

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